About Me

I’m a Product Designer working remotely from Puerto Rico with my wife Connie and our puppy Max.

I’m currently a Senior Product Designer at BOLD. There I lead UX for their main SaaS consumer facing product, a Resume Builder which helps 4+ million of job seekers create and tailor their resumes. Priot to that I focused on designed and prototying Retention and B2B solutions.

Early carreer and journey to UX design

I've spent the last 8+ years across different surfaces of digital design — designing and building sites, products, digital campaigns with a variety of House teams, agencies, and freelance clients. Back then started designing sites in Illustrator and Dreamweaver, before Sketch or Figma. I also self-taught front-end basics and PHP to create custom cms templates for platforms like WordPress and Joomla.

I was introduced to UX Design while doing my minors in Industrial Design and taking product design classes (physical). I was amazed and eager to explore how both Industrial Design and the design for digital products share the same fundamentals of Human-Centered Design. That led me to move to New York summer to study Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts.

After that, in 2016, I joined BOLD as a Product Designer in their Puerto Rico offices. I got to work directly with the San Francisco UX team and traveled back and forth between both offices. During that time, I worked with cross-functional teams, such as product, brand, research, analytics, and dev. I focused on both B2B products like their employer portals and B2C with their retention team.

In 2020, BOLD's core products team asked me to consult on a complex project and oversee the work of a few junior UX designers. From that, I got promoted to Senior Product Designer and focused on Bold's leading brands, where I currently lead a group of Ux designers on projects like onboarding, personalization, and optimizations.

Where I’ve worked

I'm fortunate to have worked with multiple types of teams and industries such as tech, education, and advertising with both in-house teams and agencies. By far, teaching was one of the most exciting experiences that I will consider doing again.

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Outside of work

When I'm not designing, I enjoy traveling with my wife, watching movies, reading fiction and self-improvement books, and playing fetch with our dog, Max.

I like to try different hobbies from time to time. So far, the ones that have stuck are playing around with automation and smart-home, doing DIYs around the house. I also enjoy collecting Legos, playing casual video games, anything Star Wars and Trading Card Games. Also, I used to play tennis, but now I mostly do weightlifting for fitness.

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Around the web

I was a guest in the design podcast Command Z. Listen to my episode:

About this website:

I'm happy to finally be launching the V1 of this site. I'm currently working on the case studies so stay tuned! It was designed in Figma. Built and hosted in Webflow. I used Craft Docs to structure the content and Things 3 for the tasks and project management. The font is set to Manrope by Mikhail Sharanda.